Preparing the Monster

By now, you might have seen Bama practicing her scary. She learned how to Aarh like a monster from The Backyardigans (what, don't judge).

She wanted to be a monster, furry, blue. I lucked out and found the costume. But it needed tweaking. She needed bell peppers, for one thing.


Because she was a monster who eats bell peppers, after all.


She needed a tail, she said. She suggested stuffing tights, I offered to attach pom poms. In  the end, I watched a couple of episodes of Game of Thrones and whipped up a dozen pom poms and an i-cord.


 The monster has a sidekick. The garden gnome who grows bell peppers. I used a tutorial from here to whip up a hat the night before. (She used this tutorial to create her pattern. The sizing, to be clear, is for a toddler. It fits Bama perfectly. I can wear it, but would probably make it an inch bigger all around if I did.)

The gnome doesn't have eyebrows or a beard. Maybe next year when he's walking around. He did score a belt (felt) and gardening tools — the turquoise is a trowel and rake. They are  stitched together and velcroed to the belt, which is also velcroed. The belt buckle is another piece of felt I cut into a square, then cut two smaller rectangles out of and slid onto the belt.
The gnome takes a break. I sewed his pieces up in the morning. A more ambitious and organized mama would have been on it earlier, and would have used this velvet to make a snail shell. Planning for next year!

Preparing the Monster

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