Pumpkin 101

This year was the 32nd annual pumpkin carving hosted by my stepmother. For years, she and my father had people over to show off their Halloween costumes and carve up pumpkins into some pretty amazing jack-o-lanterns. My dad did a UPC bar code once, my grandfather used a salad bowl of veggies to embellish his. Grandpa Hans' were almost always the most amazing. He had an incredible gift for creating with his hands.

Because we're in New York, we last year and now this year's party. To keep us in the loop, Nana sent us a care package of Halloween awesomeness that included carving tools, a pumpkin candle, and some embarrassingly funny Halloween visors that Bama resolutely wants to keep forever. I've been doling out glow sticks, but I put the chocolate foil ghosts and ghouls into our fall window. (She didn't know they were candy but the neighbor's daughter did.)

We needed to get crack-a-lacking on our pumpkin, so after Cici and I met for coffee, she came back to visit and chronicle our pumpkin carving extravaganza. 

Bama's class had cut open pumpkins, lemons, avocados, and some other foods to see what colors and seeds were inside. Once is not enough. We pulled the top off our first, and immediate oohs and aahs!


What kind of eyes do we want? I asked. I drew samples on the paper and she chose.


The visors! 

Seeds, pumpkins, silly jack-o-lantern.

We also cut open a pie pumpkin. The inside isn't really scoopable. After a few minutes tug of war with the top, we got inside and looked …

Hmmm. Mama, what could you be doing?  


Cici and Bama took some photos of me lounging …


 … and coming in for a smooch.

IMG_1919Ha! I see you!


Pumpkin 101

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