Three. The Beginning.

Someone is turning three this week. Last year, we had a tiny party with our few friends. This year, we had a small gathering in the park with old friends and new. Despite holding it outside with a minimum of food, it still came down to a late night crunch.

Goody bags. When did these become de rigeur? 

I took my treasure bag idea and whipped up these felt bags, made from the same felt as her birthday crown which debuted last year. Stickers, some popsicle sticks for gluing, and a couple of pieces of sidewalk chalk (thanks, N!!). An initial personalizing the bag for each child. We were in a park and it's fall. A few of Bama's friends were gathering leaves which went neatly into the bag. Perfect!


image from

This morning, Bama helped me frost and decorate the cupcakes. We went with blue like her monster costume. There was a bit of finger licking and sprinkle eating in between cupcake dunking in a puddle of sprinkles. 

image from

In the end, they were delicious. A scrappy but sweet group of vanilla and chocolate cupcakes (and a puddle cake). 
image from

And we were all happy in the park! 

Three. The Beginning.

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