Apples and Pears: New York Wins

Here's the truth of it: Mister and I complain about a few odds and ends regarding New York. He hates the coffee, I have yet to find a hamburger that makes my heart sing. 

But pears and apples? How can one not be excited to see sixteen varieties at a stand and know that most of them will be delicious. And when they aren't so great for eating straight, will bubble down in some mighty fine applesauce, which is our new house staple.

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This week's selection includes Macouns, something crisps, something else, a few of the others, and two kinds of pears. The stand charges $2/lb for most, $3/lb for some. I stay away from those. 😉 At the top, a bag of pears for $2. Why, I asked the first time I bought a $2 bag? Why not? they answered.

My plan for these beauties is a lot of snacking, some more apple-pear sauce, and a ginger cake, this time with some sliced pears mixed in.

I clicked through four pages of "kitchen" posts to get to this which includes a whisper mention of the ginger cake recipe I use. Way back in 2008, I developed a mighty ginger cake crush after having crushingly expensive slices of moist, sweet, spicy ginger cake from Crixa Cakes (oh, how I miss you, sweet little Hungarian-inspired bakery that was perfect for a cup of tea and slice of cake on a rainy day). While I liked the ambiance, I didn't like paying $3.95 for a slice and then another $1 for whipped cream, no matter how good.

In going back through the kitchen pages, I learned a few things. First, holy crap I was cooking a lot of really good looking stuff. What happened? Now, I'm happy if I crank out a salt free shepherd's pie, which was fantastic, but come on. Sloppy stuff on a puddle of gooey stuff and call it a day = shepherd's pie. Also, I miss lemons. Goodness. New York wins for apples, and maybe even carrots. But lemons? Go home, farmers, go home. Lemon curd from my own Meyer lemon tree, my heart aches for thee. 

But, while I miss lemons, I could cry I miss them that much, and canning, and the smell of the Pacific, fall apples and pears make me stupidly happy. Rabbit will eat a pear by himself, starting with the butt end of it. Bama eats at least one apple a day. That's worth a lot. 


Apples and Pears: New York Wins

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