Rainy Day Indoor Play

The Children's Museum of Art moved from the east side to the west side at the end of September. We'd never made it last fall, or winter, or summer, to try out the drop-in art classes. But now that it's a little closer, so close we spent two hours in line waiting for Bama to become a Baby Tiger, we've made it, GASP!, twice. 

The first time we went was nearly our last. The place was crammed in spite of its three floors of art areas well-maintained by an incredibly patient staff. Art for 45 minutes or so followed by frenetic but fun music featuring Tom, CMA's early childhood program manager, and Annie, one of the teaching artists. They have great chemistry and fabulous rubbery faces. Drop-in ends with a story. It's all a bit fast-paced for me, but it's also close and Bama loves art so …

We went again yesterday.

image from flickr.com

It was busy, but not mayhem, and we saw friends from Bama's school, which made it more fun. They both got to have a drum, even though Rabbit opted to bang and lick his.

image from flickr.comBama can't get enough music. She loves her birthday guitar, she loves these drums. She made it clear that we are lacking a drum, a tall drum, in this house and that must be remedied. She put it on her Christmas list to Santa.


Rainy Day Indoor Play

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