Three, Just Us

A Tuesday birthday seems to stretch out like the miracle mile. A birthday party on Saturday, a class song on Monday, a real birthday on Tuesday, Mama didn't finish the birthday creation in time for any of it. 


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On her actual birthday, neither of us baked the cake. Mister stopped at Dean & Deluca to pick up a beautiful gold-flecked chocolate thing. She didn't know why we turned out the candles.

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She wasn't sure what to do with them. It seems the whole blowing out at the park thing was a ruse. She saw everyone else blowing, so she did.

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Moocow birthday girl. 

I eventually finished the birthday apron, which had been shoved in the queue by the birthday bags, Halloween, and poor planning. I used Sew Liberated's Montessori apron, an incredibly easy and super cute pattern. (Argh. I had planned to sew up one of these from her revised and expanded pattern, but couldn't find it, couldn't find the link. In writing up this blog post I searched for sew liberated apron and … argh.)

You can't give a budding chef just an apron, so she also received her own, Bama-sized whisk and two rubber spatulas. 

We're working on a kitchen. Our apartment just isn't very big, and we're running out of space for things. What goes, what stays? I look at photos of craft corners or craft rooms, play rooms, and sigh. Sew Liberated's Meg showed her son, Finn's, kitchen corner. It's about the size of half our living room. Sigh. But we have Central Park! 😉

Three, Just Us

2 thoughts on “Three, Just Us

  1. G- I saw someone, TrulaKids (I think), who painted a stove on the top of a chair. Nothing fancy but I am sure it does the trick AND doesn’t require more furniture. My brain started spinning and I thought you could make littke bags to hang on the back or sides with utensils or food or whatever. Or construct a tray for underneath the seat to store the kitchen supplies. We also have a small supply of felt food which were made by a friend. They are super cute and take up way less space than the wooden or plastic stuff.
    Just some thoughts.


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