Off the Needles

Since I'm all kerfuffled about posting these days, it seems, here is a quicky to show what's cast-off, woven in, and done.

An Irish hiking hat for Grandpa who's chemo-d head needs a bit of soft warmth this winter. Nice, don't you think? I modified the pattern a bit (one change was deliberate, one was accidental). More info on ravelry in my projects.

image from

A tasty scarf for the wife of a high school friend. Six plus feet long, about 9 inches wide. I'm happy with how it turned out. Rumor is, she is, too. Two people from my NY knitting group gave me scraps to liven it up. Sweet.

image from

Rabbit, a blur in his new Milo. Note to self: mark the right side of your projects so that you remember where you are. You have two small children, after all. It will eliminate the need to frog. 

image from

Officially, Milo will be one of his birthday presents. It's a rich, dark burgundy brown color. The yarn is, wait for it, Lion Brand. Yep. Superwash Merino. Natch.

image from

Off the Needles

One thought on “Off the Needles

  1. Iseems chemo heads need cabled hats everywhere! I recently finished one very similar for myself. Haven’t had a chance to post it yet due to holidays and hospitalizations but you may have motivated me to do so once I get discharged from this FINAL round!!!! I am glad to see that you are posting about things other than hacking coughs. I assume that you are all on the mend.
    Happy new year!


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