This time last year, my mom and stepfather were in town to help with Juniper while Mister and I set off for NYU to have number two. A baby about which I knew little except that it liked to kick a lot, wiggle like mad, stretch obscenely given the small space. 

I had in my head it might be a girl because we had a girl and two would be cute, right?

Out popped Rabbit. Light-haired like his sister, and like his sister, I had to adjust to something I wasn't sure of. 

I thought he might bring frankincense. 

Family portrait, the C-section way. 

image from

Sweet. He had a good cry (I verified with Mister), big hands, a funny nose. I worried his belly button would be weird (it isn't) because drying umbilical cords are like shriveled alien connectors.

image from flickr.comAlready perfect. Health check with Papa in the next room. I could see them through the glass.

image from

So big. 8 lbs., 13 oz.

image from

We inked him twice. 
image from

It's hard work, being a baby.image from

Bama holding Rabbit, a very important role for her: Chief Rabbit-holder.

image from flickr.comThis will be easy!
image from flickr.comA visit with Grandmother.
image from flickr.comSister protector.
image from

Clean. He is hilarious in the bath. He tries to climb in. He leaps around. He splashes. He is amphibian, I'm sure.

image from flickr.comCool kid on the swing.
image from flickr.comSame kid eating dirt.
image from flickr.comLook at the size of those hands. Seriously. Where did they come from? Mister and I have the same size hand (my palm is larger, his fingers are longer; perhaps Rabbit inherited the biggest from each of us.)

image from flickr.comCuddles at music in the park.

image from

Music Together last summer. The music box is one of his favorite places to explore. He even cracks the rhythm sticks with rhythm. They also taste good.
image from flickr.comOne of his favorite places to be is on Papa's shoulders. Usually, he gives Mister a lick of appreciation.

image from flickr.comOh yes, pears are good. Two teeth is all you need!

image from


image from

Rocking horse fantasy at the library. He's quite good. 

image from flickr.comHi!

6613855067_4ce8b2b59a_bWe were working on stairs. And then the ball just seemed more fun.

6613855067_4ce8b2b59a_bCheeky bugger.

Rabbit's an incredible light in my life. He has a fast smile for people, a lovely sweet snuggle for us. He pats me on the back the way I do him when he needs comforting. Somehow, he knows when Mama needs a little love of her own. He is insatiably curious in a very different way from Bama. For one thing, this child needs to lick everything in his path. Ladders at the park, tables, sand, whatever. It's horrifying and funny. Mostly horrifying. I keep saying it's all about the anti-bodies.

Where Bama would study people, he will lick them. He is open in a way that is foreign to Mister but I recognize. I think he's a bit like my dad, the guy who will talk to anyone, anywhere. Bama does it now, and I think he'll be even chattier. Oh my.

I love watching him explore the boxes and cubbies of toys. He's deliberate. He'll take out a block, lick it, carry it around, take out some more, put the first one back. Maybe he's like a kid you know, but this kind of search, seek, wonder is new to me. 

He's not saying much beyond Mama and sometimes Papa, but he can sign for milks, water, more, and all done. He understands change (for diaper) and potty, stars, moon, cow, and a bunch of other animals. He, like Bama, loves books. He helps choose what we read (we offer two, he deliberates, then selects), and picks up books when he's playing, too. New fun, blowing kisses, touching noses, and waving.

He is a sweet and funny monkey, Rabbit is. I cannot claim any ownership to his generosity of spirit, his curiousity, his love, but I hope to nurture all the bits of him that will help him continue to be the lovely person he is.


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