Almost a Month Ago

I know, a few of you have seen these photos already, and you'll recognize some of Mister's pithy captions, but I couldn't help but (finally) give Rabbit his birthday celebration its due.  A few photos to show his beautiful smile, the introduction of chocolate, because cake and ice cream aren't enough, it must be chocolate (from the World According to Mister). Vanilla, I asked? No, chocolate. REally? I asked, being a vanilla lover and not so much the chocolate ice cream aficionado. NOpe, chocolate. The world likes more than just chocolate ice cream, you know.



Suiting up. Belting in. Happy, so happy, doesn't even know what's coming. 


A crown! I am king? What, what?


The cake. One of my two favorites. It is chocolate AND vegan. Go figure.


Sister and baker. She did all the mixing.


Whoa. Whoa, what is that? Oh, my mouth is alive!


Can't get it in fast enough!


Um, what is this? It's cold. I don't like it. Stop, take it away!!


Hello. Today, I am a man.



The crown will take some growing into. Check out his ears in this shot!

A month later, and teeth numbers 3 and 4, his vampire teeth, are coming in, followed by 5, 6 and maybe a couple of molars. If he's lucky, he'll have Mister's mighty teeth and all of them except the wisdom teeth which I don't have (never did). But, holy cow, our kids have teeth that are as lazy about coming in as they were about being born. He's getting up the circular staircase, which, if you've seen it, know it's a death-trap. He says ball, papa, mama, dog, baby, car, and a few other things. He does some approximate signing for all done, more, change (diaper), water, banana, and milk. He understands several more including bath, potty, and milk. We're not as structured with the signing as we were with Bama, though she's a big help because she likes to sign, too.

Almost a Month Ago

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