A Little Love at Dinner

Happy Valentine's Day! Rabbit, Bama, and I had one of those exceptionally great days. He took a nap, we worked on her spring skirts. We all went to the library for story-time and play. We stopped at Amy's Bread for Valentine's Day cookies. 


image from www.flickr.com



Then Pino's for steaks. We haven't had steak in aeons. We had string beans (blanched, tossed in hot olive/sesame oils with almonds) and risotto. I tweaked the Farro and Millet Risotto from 101cookbooks … 

On the recipe front, I'm tacking on a recipe for a Farro & Millet Risotto I've been making quite a bit lately as we try to close the door on winter this year – the weather hasn't entirely cooperated. You can use whatever fresh or roasted vegetables you like – asparagus, peas, and herbs are great this time of year. But I was making it with roasted delicata or other little squashes until recently.

            via www.101cookbooks.com

 … adding dried porcini mushrooms and using barley instead of farro. Easy to forget that barley won't get creamy smooth like arborio rice. The grain's toothiness was just right with the steak (definitely corn-fed, so it's something we do maybe once a year).

No matter. Bama and Rabbit gobbled it down. Win number two this week. We are still working off left-overs from the kale pasta (also 101cookbooks). That recipe was also well-received, especially by Rabbit who can't get enough of it. But, it's a little bland, especially when low on salt as most of my meals for us/them are. I added sweet Italian sausage from Tamarack Hollow Farm (so good, sweet, fennel, fresh tasting), and that was also a hit with Rabbit. Bama isn't a (consistent) fan of sausage. There are worse things in life than a girl who loves to eat most anything except hot dogs, sausages, chicken fingers. And I really mean most anything.

We didn't need it, but I couldn't help but pick up a loaf of the heart-shaped black sesame semolina at Amy's. 

image from www.flickr.com


Happy Valentine's to all. 

A Little Love at Dinner

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