It’s Official: favorite chocolate chip cookie


I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies today. The recipe is Jim Lahey's (Sullivan Street Baking) via Bon Appetit. The gossip around town is that Lahey is a nutter, but he's a nutter who can bake some decent loaves of bread and offers up these cookies.

In truth, I'm not much of a cookie eater. Mister is known for his chocolate chip cookies. They contain secret spices (we gave out the recipe and a packet of spices as our wedding gift). When I told one of his best friends, at our first meeting, I wasn't crazy about hte cookies, she looked like he might have to cut things short with me. We've mended the cookie fence, she and I, though I still don't love the spice cookies, and I prefer dough to the finished product.

Until today. I thoght I had my cookie recipe, A Friend to Knit With's adaptation of the Tollhouse recipe. She uses bread flour and they are fantastic.

But I can't stop eating these Lahey cookies. Bama hasn't had one and Mister flew out to Califonria today. It's must me. And this pile o' cookies I can't leave alone. I've eaten four. Maybe that doesn't seem like a lot to those of you who are cookie monsters, but it's insane for me. 

They are crispy round the edges and soft in the middle. Clouds of butter with a few chips for good fortune. My belly can't fit in the kitchen with the rest of me anymore.

image from

It's not like it hasn't been a busy day. Mister flew off, it's daylight savings (who the hell thought it was a good idea, really??). So after a weird morning nap, and absurdly long afternoon nap, the smalls were out back gardening while I finished up dinner. I cooked like crazy today, starting with buttermilk-buckwheat waffles. Cookies, egg muffins (mini- soufflés), soba noodle yum.

I've got a sink full of dishes to wash and a dozen cookies to avoid.     

It’s Official: favorite chocolate chip cookie

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