Pants, Dots, Art

I'd be lying if I didn't say I was proud of these pants. They are far from perfect, but they are my first go at making my own pattern and whipping out a pair for Rabbit. Mr. Captain gets a similar pair as whatever one gets, the other does. Two of everything isn't so hard. 

Lesson One: Make sure your pattern is going the correct way so you don't bollocks a bunch of fabric into weirdly unusable pieces that are sitting under the desk waiting for Godot.

Lesson Two: Be sure you do, in fact, cut a back side to your pattern so you don't give your bubs a permanent low-rise. I'll likely take out the 3/4" elastic and replace it with 1/4" to get a little more life from these pants since I think they are bright and fun for spring.

Bama's in the background, tucked into the ball pit at the Children's Museum of the Arts, a magical place we're lucky to have easy access to. The museum hosts a laundry list of art classes for smalls to teens as well as a drop-in "messy art" time. We've managed to make it to the actual art segment a few times, but lately, with Rabbit's nap, we show up just as the sing-along starts. (Drop-in is $22 a family and includes art, singing, and a story. Membership is $250 and friends who have it love it.) There is an ambient space, a ball pit, and a small slide for getting the yayas out. We've never seen most of hte museum because we're consumed by the messy art and playspace. 

Rabbit's still too small for the ball pit.I don't mind because I think it's a bit Lord of the Flies to my liking. Doesn't mean he won't try to get in, though.

Bama and Tom, the early childhood program manager. They are gluing bits to a piece that will be mounted in the upstairs part of the wee arts area. She told him her life story while they discussed the benefits of squishy pieces vs. felty pieces of the collage.
image from
Rabbit working out crayons and paper on the wall.

image from
Dot paints! Ooh!
image from


Dot paints. Pas dan la bouche!

image from
Sister works on her own piece. Flubber bucket in the background.
She loves flubber. LOVES it.
image from

Back upstairs. (The dot paints and flubber are on the lower floor along with clay, magnetic magic, hte sing-along. Upstairs are watercolors, gluing, a sand table. Also, a perfect place for Rabbit to play peekaboo with Kelsey, one of hte teaching artists

image from

I can't say enough good things about CMA. It's a beautiful space, and the teaching artists seem to have endless patience and creativity when it comes to being with small children. Plus, they do interesting installations, like Love from Mt. Pom Pom from Japanese artist Misaki Kawai. The museum has been transformed by whimsical additions like a giant fuchsia dog who comes with a two-foot long comb for its fur. The New York Times is one of hte many entranced by the exhibit. (We did not, of course, see this exhibit because we were too busy being messy!)


Pants, Dots, Art

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