What We Ate: brisket, couscous, chard, mushrooms

Update: This overly bright shot is mine. Thanks! backyard and iPhone.


image from www.flickr.com

Bama will eat most anything you give her, or at least try it. There are few absolutes: sausages, hot dogs are on her no list. I'm okay with that.

I must have memory block about her eating habits at one -year, or a steadfast refusal to be more accommodating to Rabbit. We all eat the same thing, but this means that he doesn't always get greens as he should because they aren't workable for someone who has five and a half teeth, none of which are molars.

I paired this couscous dish from The Kitchn (minus the chili pepper flakes) with a brisket we made the night before. I say we because Mister pulled out Suzanne Goin's Sunday Supper at Lucques for the brisket recipe. I did the browning and vegetables, leaving him to dump chicken stock (because I don't have beef stock on hand, shameful!) and stout over the meat and toss the whole thing in the oven. What should have been easy suddenly was not because he had to defrost the stock. Oops! Where was I? Playing D&D, people. Mama has a life! 😉

The grown-ups thought the dinner was delicious. The juice from the brisket worked well with the chard and couscous. I'd planned on adding mushrooms, but ran out of time before getting the smalls outside to eat in the garden. The brisket came from good ol' Tamarack out of Vermont. It was only a pound or so, which is really too small for a brisket. The meat was tender and delicious, but it's a silly size considering all the time you spend on it. Five or six pounds makes more sense because you have leftovers. Sandwiches, another dinner. This lot left me with a puddle of couscous and a sliver of meat and some dessicated carrots. Yum, but sad.

The smalls, on the other hand, were overjoyed with eating outside again and having spent the last 30 minutes mucking about in the dirt so they weren't as keen on the whole sitting and actually eating thing. Rabbit did his usual snack and spit (he rolls the food out of his mouth with his tongue. He thinks it's charming), while Bama ate the brisket and carrots, smearing dark brown tracks across her face. They played with the napkins for a while, I ate while enjoying them. It was nice even if it didn't turn out quite as I'd hoped. They both hated the chard. Who can blame them? It's tough and unfun. She loves kale, and once he has molars, I'm sure the whole leafy texture issue will evaporate.

Let's get back to the other matter at hand: What was I feeding Bama at 14 months? She had the same number of teeth, give or take, at this point. Didn't she? 


Note: Rabbit's not starving nor is he missing vitamins. His diet is fine, thanks. They both eat sardines, mac & cheese, peas, and mango, among other things. He likes bananas, she thinks she likes bananas. They love seaweed. We're good.

What We Ate: brisket, couscous, chard, mushrooms

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