We've been talking about making playdough for months, but Bama and I hit a focused creative project skid that lasted until this week. 

Playdough. There are recipes everywhere online, but I used this one from Nurturestore, a UK blog I follow on twitter. It took all of 10 minutes. The only downside to home projects is the crazy amount of salt and flour you need to have around. Otherwise, so fun. 

I mixed the hot water into the dry ingredients and oil that she'd stirred together. 

image from

We made blue, yellow, red, and green. Then we added some extra blue to change the green, and a little more yellow to lighten the red. Bama's art teacher (we love Miss Elizabeth!!) has been teaching color blending to the class, so support at home is helpful. 

image from

And so fun.


2 thoughts on “Playdough!

  1. LOVE making playdough. Very popular around here. We sometimes add superfine glitter for a sparkle or spices like cinnamon to make it smell good. It’s also a common birthday gift that the girls like to make and give.


  2. We added cinnamon to one lump. I put in 1/4 teaspoon, Bama plopped on a tablespoon. It was amazing. Her hands smelled good all night.
    I’ve seen the glitter thing, it’s especially nice at the holidays. But, then, glitter’s nice all the time!


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