kids’ clothes week spring 2012

It's back. Elsie Marley's kids' clothes week challenge. I've looked. I've wanted. I've lurked.

This year, I'm in.



OMG. An hour a day, that's all she asks for the clothing challenge. Given it took me three weeks to make two wee pairs of pants and a twirly skirt, am I crazy?
What's on my side: I know I can sew and get quite a bit done in an hour.
Bama no longer naps, but she rests AND she can sew buttons on to her fabric while I'm sewing.
Rabbit naps.
I have morning time while she's in school.
I'm desperate to get more pants and skirts done before spring and summer are really here.
I'm in. I signed my name to the comment board. No one will know except me if I flake … okay, make that no one would have known if I hadn't slapped this post together. And tweeted it.

kids’ clothes week spring 2012

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