facebookation this june

I disconnected Facebook from Twitter today to take the month off. A friend and former co-worker, Rick, inspired me to action. Over the past couple of years, Ive threatened to disconnect my facebook account for various reasons. Mister dumped his (did he have one? Now I can’t remember); the company doesn’t care about security, really; the app connections are annoying — truly, I don't want my world to be interconnected on all fronts. Every person I know or kind of know doesn’t need to see a ticker tape of articles I’ve read or pins I’m putting up on pinterest. We are not any of us fascinating 24/7. Are we all really, truly friends? When you unfriend someone, or are unfriended, does it sting? Should it sting?

This time, though, it has nothing to do with terms and conditions and everything to do with time and focus. I started this blog to tinker with writing, then to show off things I’ve baked or knit, to share our faraway lives with family and friends. But I find it difficult to maintain. There’s a twitter feed to check, instagram pictures to look at and like, facebook statuses to chime in on, words with friends. Books to read, dinners to cook, floors to sweep. Children to raise. 

The children. There’s so much going on in a day, that I multitask my way with them about 99 percent of the time. I don’t get on my knees and turn off the world enough, I think. At least, not for what I think we all need.

There is an upside to facebook. I’ve reconnected with friends, connected with acquaintances who, through facebook, have revealed politics, humor, life so appealing, interesting, enlightening that I appreciate the connections. But, I also realize my interactions have diminished to liking lots of things and participating less in a meaningful way. (Not to overdo it, because facebook isn’t some crazy deep meaningful date, it’s more like the crush you had in fifth grade and the melodramatic poems that went with it.) 

So, good-bye facebook, we’ll see how June feels without you. 

facebookation this june

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