For my birthday, Aunty Cake sent me an address and said, "Your gift is here." What else could be on Broome that would warrant such a text? I hopped on down to purl soho, thinking there was a gift certificate waiting. 

Nope! A giant bag filled with yarn. Two skeins of Big Stitch Alpaca Yarn in cream. I'm not sure if they are still skeins when they are the size of newborns. The package included a size 36 circular needle. I didn't think of taking a perspective shot with the needles, but I'd say they are as big as an adult thumb, maybe? 



The gift was a double-dip, a birthday gift and preparation for our move to Brooklyn, a move I wasn't looking forward to no matter how I tried. Cake thought a yummy rug to warm my toes would make me smile whenever I got out of bed.


We've been in Brooklyn for a week and a half, and I have more to smile about than expected. I like a lot about our neighborhood, including having a couple of parks even closer than we had before. I miss our garden, who wouldn't miss that lush beauty? But Bama seems to love it. We've had a couple of evening constitutionals, and she gets a kick out of our walks. We could have done the same in SoHo, but they are frenzied walks, dodging tourists and models, whereas here, it's a little calmer. 

Tonight I finished the rug. It needs blocking and washing. I'm hopeful it will stretch out of its current square-ish shape and become a proper rectangle, but even so, it will be make my morning slide out of bed cooshie, especially once summer turns to fall and on to winter.


Can you see the pile in the still-unfinished-project? It's thick. The only complaint is from Bama who thinks the yarn smells funny. Well, it'll be under your feet, darlin', no need to sniff. 




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