Moving Greene

Now that we are in NY indefinitely, we thought we would try a new neighborhood. I wasn't keen on Brooklyn. I could go into the reasons why, but then anyone who asked about the move before we went would fall asleep. (Here is the Clif's Notes version: Brooklyn is like Oakland; I didn't move 3,000 miles to live in my hometown no matter how much I love my hometown; it took the requisite two years to settle into our neighborhood and make friends, friends we are moving away from; I loved our garden; no good reasons, I just don't want to go, okay?)

But, we found a place that is a single floor, bonus if you're me and never want to see a circular staircase again as long as you live, and has a big kitchen. Two people can fit in it big.

We packed. Packing with toddlers, by the way, quadruples the work. I had to pack during nap and after hours. A couple of times friends took Bama so I could have the afternoon free. It took forever. 

Sometimes, I tried to pack the wrong things.


Mister's great at batting clean-up. He organizes all the boxes I stuff.


We rented 50 Juggleboxes, plastic reusable crates. Maybe we saved money, maybe we didn't. We did save on cardboard and the boxes stack neatly. Plus, whether you have breakables or books inside, it doesn't matter. You can't crush the boxes with an standard move. 


On the morning of the move, Bama, Rabbit, and I were spirited away from SoHo and over to Ft. Greene by a car service. Mister waited for the moving guys. I thought about all the space we had.


And how easy it was to fill up! 


Here it is, nearly two weeks after moving and I am finishing unpacking the final six boxes (the room looks better and worse than this shot). Bama is out with a sitter, Rabbit is asleep. It's a great neighborhood. Nice, lots of trees, both quieter and noisier than Manhattan. We like it. I'm not done with my NYC love affair, and not at all sure we'll stay here forever. But I'm not as miserable as I thought I might be. 

If only I could get this place cleaned up!

Moving Greene

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