When we moved to New York City, we knew four people. In that first summer, and the second, we played in playgrounds quieted by a lack of children. New Yorkers don't stay in New York for the summer. They leave. They leave for weeks and months. It is completely opposite our childhood experiences, not to mention our adult experiences. It's both fantastic, because the playgrounds are still fun, the spriklers are running, and we had lots to do, but it's also a lonely because your friends go away.

Now, we know lots more than four people and have developed friendships that include visiting those friends while they are away. It's grand! because not only do we get out of town, but we get this very special time with people we really like in a personal place, their away place.

The Smalls and I went to the Poconos a couple of weekends ago to hang out with friends from school. The girls went out for early morning walks with D and the dog, then we headed to the pool. Rabbit napped in the afternoon while the girls went kayaking. They slept the sleep of the outdoor exhausted. Heavy, deep, full through to morning. 

The following weekend, the full house headed north towards Vermont. A bit late, not leaving Brooklyn until 8pm (as opposed to the planned 4pm, which was supposed to be 2pm because Mister was out of work earlier than we'd thought he'd be). We still don't own a car, so we rented again (last weekend, zipcar, this time Hertz). Hertz, man, the cars are so American sad. I want to love American cars, but do people who design them actually sit in them? We had a Chevy Impala. With carseats in the back, neither of us could recline let alone tilt the seats back. Mister shoved his seat forward, knees to nose. 

The steering wheel blocked the speedometer (to be fair, tilting the wheel made it possible to see my speed, but I thought about it at inopportune moments, like while driving). 

Impossible speed check. Chevy Impala, just say no.

Bama and Ollie eating peanuts. We bought the Boston Red Sox bag (go Uncle Jay!) as opposed to the NY Yankees bag. The checker at the market wanted to know why we hated the Yankees enough to avoid the peanuts. Yes, baseball is that big a deal around here.

Peanuts (@megnut72)

Our hike to Texas Falls. Bama didn't want to go up, up, up with everyone, so we went the other way (it's a loop hike). 

Hiking, collecting.

Fourth of July practice on Monday night. And s'mores. All during the grown-up dinner. Steak, baked potatoes, incredible wine, and sleeping children.

Preparing to s'more #vermont

S'more! and I don't even like s'mores.

Status. #vermont

 Much frogging to be had. Megnut with a frog for Bama.


 Megnut showing off the first found frog. Later, they'd round up as many as 10!

Checking out frog I caught

 There was a suprising lack of photo-taking. I missed the farm building. Ollie and Bama dragged trees to create a farm space. They found a bird's nest (I may borrow Megnut's photos to show you because it was an amazing find!) Mister and I both got some downtime and time together, both of which can be rare. . We read a lot of books! (Brave New World, me. So many, the smalls). Bama and Rabbit had loads of outdoor time –unstructured, muddy, naked. Isn't that what childhood is about?




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