Summer Skirt

Finding time to sew, knit, think, is no easy feat. It's hard to find the time to sew because I don't like having the ironing board out, let alone the iron. Bama knows well enough to leave it be, but Rabbit likes to climb and pull. 

I am no great seamstress, but I am competent enough that I can whip a skirt out in an evening, and if I don't veg out like I did this last time, I could probably knock out a couple.

Bama's latest is lovely. Peacock colors with red trim. I bought the fabric months ago from Brooklyn General with a Groupon. It was a good excuse to explore Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill, Brooklyn neighborhoods we were considering.


The photos aren't perfect, but she's ready for an outing, backpack (from Upe and Sharla) stuffed full and Baby Cinderella in her arms.


The skirt in its glory. She should be able to wear it through next summer. Yippee!

Summer Skirt

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