It’s Curtains for You!

Becky Home-ecky is at it again. Bama and I bought fabric for their curtains at PurlSoHo about a week after we moved in. Do you know how long five and a half feet are? Long. Times three. The main fabric is the circle print below (from Robert Kaufman's Roar collection). I bought the lion heads to trim or do a faux vallance but I'm going to hang them as is and add the lions later if I'm so moved.

image from

I used Design Sponge's sewing 101: curtains tutorial. Easy peasy. The time suck was ironing the great lengths of cloth, but the overall instructions were clear and simple to follow. 

Now, I need to hustle to the hardware store or Bed, Bath & Beyond for curtain rods. My goal, by next weekend they will be up. Otherwise, Mister and I will have huge pieces of fabric, the curtains and the black-out curtains, flopping around the house and that cannot be!

image from

It’s Curtains for You!

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