Just the girl: dryer balls

Balls, the first stage. The small flap at the front is Bama's dryer ball.


I'm trying to have a more structured week with post-quiet-time activities for Bama. Rabbit sleeps for a good 2.5-3 hours, leaving us with time to work on letters, bake, craft using tools he's too small for. Like very sharp scissors!

After a month of planning to make dryer balls, we decided to do them Monday when it was 87 out and thick with humidity. Yum!

I took a very nice wool sweater Mister had put into the donation pile. We cut off the sleeves and then cut them open. We cut strips from the sleeves to form the core of our dryer balls using directions from Crunchy Betty


A pile of strips and a fluff of roving (from Rhinebeck).
IMG_2343We wound and wound the strips into little balls the size of a large plum. (Tip: when winding, wind with the right side of the fabric to the outside because stockinette likes to curl. It will wind better this way.) I held the fabric very tight to make by balls, tucking in the ends.
IMG_2343Four little balls and one slightly bored little girl latter, it was time to add the roving. My roving is more like puffs of cloud. It didn't want to wind around the sweater cores, so I puffed it around, held it with silicone bands that I realized later I could have left on (I think) because they are heat resistant. I took the bands off for the next stage, the stuffing into the snipped stocking stage:

Bama helped hold the roving in place while we rolled the balls into a stocking.

What happened next? I washed them twice with some sheets and towels. We have a front loader which just doesn't felt as well as a top loader. After two rounds, I tossed them into the dryer. 

  Dryer ball Tada! two of four. More to come because they are that easy.

Just the girl: dryer balls

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