Aunty Cake (Surprise!)

Aunty Cake married M the year before Mister and I were married. I told her I'd knit her a blanket for her bed. Years earlier, when I'd started knitting, I'd fallen in love with the Squares Throw from Erika Knight's Comforts of Home pattern book. But, it called for 2100 yards of yarn that came in balls of 60 yards. I'd have to substitute the yarn. No big deal. It was a lot of squares. I'm a schmuck. Cake recently pointed out her 10th anniversary is in two and a half years; I can make that!

But she of the warm and generous heart deserved something soft with a touch of color. I bought this incredible yarn at Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool last fall. It's everything I'm not: fingering weight, variegated, it has an absurd moniker (Mermaids on Steroids) but it's soft, vibrant. (The company, Painted Springs, sells its yarn through its etsy shop.)

So here it is. Doublish, for Aunty Cake


I started with another pattern, Stephen West's Boneyard Shawl, but they didn't work together. My yarn's colorway overwhelmed the simple pattern and the pattern didn't work very well with fingering weight. But, I think it's a great pattern and plan something heavier for fall for me. ME.


Did I mention the colors. So pretty. 

Dear Cake,

Your belated birthday present is wrapped and waiting for me to go to the post office on Friday (um, today!). I hope you love your scarf and it loves you. 

xoxo and much love, 


Aunty Cake (Surprise!)

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