Milk for the Morning Cake


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One of our favorite books is In the Night Kitchen by Maurice Sendak. It's on the American Library Association's list of frequently challenged or banned books because Mickey is, gasp!, naked through part (most) of the book. In a dream state, our protagonist falls out of his clothes and into the light of the night kitchen where three bakers (who look like chubby Hitlers) are baking cake for the morning. Given that Bama and Rabbit know who has a penis and who has a vagina, what a scrotum is (sort of) and what labia are (sort of) the whole naked Mickey thing isn't what's wild in the book.

What is wild is that Mickey swims to the bottom of a bottle of milk! He's nearly baked in a cake! He makes a plane from bread dough! 

We chant lines, "I'm in the milk and the milk's in me! I'm Mickey!" "Milk! Milk for the morning cake!" so I thought we might make a milk cake. 

This proved more complicated, or Internet-complicated, than it should have been. Recipes warned of the extreme difficulty of this cake owing to the addition of the milk which is heated before adding in at the end (and only just mixing). Some recipes called the cake light and moist, others said dense. Whatever. It's delicious and half-gone. Try it with berries. Some people like to put a chocolate frosting on. I dusted ours with powdered sugar.



All bakers should wear underwear, an apron, and wash their hands. This baker also needed her hair pulled back so she wouldn't fiddle with it.


Eggs and sugar, beaten for about five minutes. Five minutes.

I prefer to butter and flour my pans, but this art deco bundt makes me wonder if I should suck it up and buy some Pam.


Hello, my beauty. What will you be?


Serious about this finishing the batter thing.


All good bakers clean up after themselves and leave a tidy kitchen.




Seriously. Hello.

Ten minutes of cooling on the rack, a dust of powdered sugar.


Some serious gorgeous inside.


 And, in case you don't know the story, a lovely and Sendak-weird animated version:





Milk for the Morning Cake

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