Getting Away: catching up

At the end of June, Rabbit, Bama, and I loaded up a zipcar and headed to Pennsylvania and the poconos. It took a while for us to get out of town. You know, packing, putting car seats in the car, naps. The whole I don't have a car thing is handy except when you need a car and then it's a pain in the neck because, among other things, we don't have a driveway so the car has to be picked up when two of us are around, then parked, then loaded. Parking could be a car away or blocks away from the apartment, it depends. I can double park, because that's what Brooklyn does:


Parking and driving is up to me because Mister still doesn't have a valid driver's license. On this trip, the car ownery-ness felt a little real when I got a parking ticket. Yay! And then forgot to pay it. Double Yay!

On the way out of town we hit all the traffic we could compounded by the most amazing storm that I've experienced since we've been here. Everything was sideways. I fully expected tree branches to fall onto our tiny car as we came off the Manhattan Bridge and squish us dead in Chinatown. That didn't happen.

The Poconos are a couple of hours away from Manhattan, depending on which side of the city you live on and when you leave. It makes for a fast weekend retreat for people and isn't as expensive or shwa-shwa as the Hamptons or Nantucket or other getaways. We are lucky enough to have friends who have a house in one of the resort communities. The lake is shallow and can only handle canoes and kayaks, no motors ever. There are three pools. Beaches. Paths. It is fantastic for families who like the woods and water and don't want to worry about their manicure everyday, but want to be doing or not doing, which is what we did.


B and Bama out for an early morning stroll. Tucker isn't in the picture, but he's there, also having his morning walk. (Sadly, so sadly, Tucker passed away later in the summer.)

B is one of Bama's besties from school although we all met the summer we arrived in NYC, and B arrived from China, at the library. She swims like a fish, is earnest and smart and funny. I love this girl. I also love her mama who is smart and funny and a playwright. They are a lovely family to spend time with. 


Exploring the teeter totter in jams. It helps if you agree who will be on which end before you load up.


Later that day, heading to the kayak for a lake trip to the pool. Rabbit and I went with HH by car. DW rose early with the girls for walks, floated around the pool with Bama when I needed to retreat with Rabbit. He's one of those dads who hangs in and just does. 


Goofballs. Dinner.


Helping DW with the serious business of corn shucking.


HH and DW's house is surrounded by woods, gentle grass, and bordered by a creek. All it needs are faery signs.


In case you thought Rabbit wasn't really around. He was around. Up and down the stairs, in the water, on the grass. He and DW jammed with some shakers. 

A sign of a good trip: asleep by mile one.

Getting Away: catching up

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