You’re three only once

Bama started her new school today. They require slippers or some kind of indoor shoe. All of our shoes are definitely not indoor shoes. We go barefoot at home (until winter when we will need something warm). So, we went to the store. It's the first time in about two years that we've gone into an actual shoe store other than Camper. A store that has lots of shoes. In lots of styles and colors and shapes. 

I tried. She loved the feel of the Minnetonka moccasins. She loved the color. They fit her perfectly.

And then she found a pair of Toms. 

These Toms.


They hurt my eyes. Mister: they are so ugly! Doesn't matter the angle. Fuschia sparkles, black velvet hearts.
Later, a wise mama who had been shopping at the same place, was in the park with her son who had chosen his own version of bright shoes with lights. As he gleefully talked about his new shoes, she said, "well, you're three only once."
You’re three only once

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