Mister found this bottle box on Etsy. It is the perfect size for keeping treasures for viewing and touching (and away from Rabbit and his still breaking-able hands).


It holds treasures like the swans on water kinetic box Mister found on etsy for Bama. The interior is all paper, and one of the swans heads is about to twist off, so we keep it high for protection.


The bee she made at Children's Museum of Art's clay bar. The mind jar she made in school last year. A horse sculpture my mother gave me when I was young. A heart box.

Bird's nest, one made, one found. The made nest, in the bottom corner, is filled with acorns and pinecones. 
IMG_2610A chestnut from the local park. Pinecones from Grandmother and Grandpa's house. A crazy worm tube fossil I found years ago somewhere.

I hope to change the treasures with time and season, storing away the memories for us to find and peruse while these are here to see and touch and talk about. Bama likes to stand on the step stool and bring them down, fingering the lines, smoothing the bird's nest, shaking the mind jar and watching the glitter settle.



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