Hurricane Sandy: the morning

Note: some of this may read like paint drying but I'm updating family and friends who are seeing the worst of the worst images on televsion. 

The wind started blowing yesterday morning, picking up speed through the day. Now, the branches on the tree in front of our house are still covered with green leaves, but they are flowing perpendicular to the street with little rest.

Last night, I wondered if the storms would get here. I'm a Californian. We don't wait around for big storms to hit, you get hit by an earthquake, think, "oh shit, that was an earthquake" and move on. Here, we've waited in line for goods, waited for the wind to pick up, waited for the rain to start. Bama crawled into bed with me at 6am (Mister was in the living room, my never-ending cold means snoring that chased him away … I didn't realize I'd fallen asleep). No rain. Rabbit came in around 7am. Maybe there was light rain. 



But mostly we were waiting. 

In other parts of New York, the waiting is over. The Hudson River and the East River broke banks this morning. The Gowanus Canal, a superfund site, is spilling toxic sludge and water into Red Hook. I texted N to see how they are doing in their lower east side high rise (15th floor): Just starting to swayyyy. Friends in the West Village are losing or have lost power (to be clear, ConEd is cutting off power). 

The worst is still to come. The surge isn't due until tonight, and I think at this point, we're more concerned with friends and other people's safety who are in a worse spot than we are. I slept in (much needed between the muscle issue in my bum and my head cold) while Mister and the smalls ate breakfast and watched some Richard Scarry Busytown Mysteries.

Mister and I switched nap places while Bama set up a picnic. 


And then we had a picnic lunch. 


Nothing says storm day like pajamas all morning. After lunch, Bama washed dishes while I read Anna Karenina. Outside, the winds continued to blow and rain to fall. 


Hurricane Sandy: the morning

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