Before There Was Sandy: Halloween


My mad dash to Halloween kicked off on Thursday with a trip to the Garment District for fabric. Rabbit and I zipped uptown to get material for costumes for him (Goldbug) and Bama (Huckle). Bama especially is a fan(atic) of the Richard Scarry Busytown Mysteries, a television show we watch via Netflix. (Skip Busytown, it's silly.) Huckle the Cat, his sister Sally, and best friend Lowly Worm are on the case. Goldbug (the little guy on top of the bus) provides punny updates as the action news guy in town. 

Bama decided she would be Huckle and Rabbit should be Goldbug. She thought Mister and I would fall in as Hilda and Lowly, but we declined.

Second run at the makeup, and first pass at the costume. Huckle wears a yellow shirt with a collar. That's not going to happen, but she's pleased with her leiderhosen. I finished her costume shorts last night but have to attach the pieces. 



Now Goldbug. I'd hoped to find a gold sweatshirt at Good Will but had not luck. Really. I could have made do with the ribbed fabric I bought, but it's in a tube, not a flat yard. Hmmm. Then, voila! My hunt for a giant Tshirt paid off. Hello ginormous two dollar shirt (six inch ruler for scale):


I decided to make an envelope tee using Meg McElwee's instructions and pattern from Growing Up Sew Liberated.  

Out of this shirt I made an envelope tee, a pair of pants (from the sleeves), and six Goldbug arms, even though we only need two. Arms are easy to lose track of. I thought I'd attach the arms with velcro so Rabbit could take them off. (I learned that if you want the velcro on, then sew it on before seaming and stuffing the arm, hence six arms; had to make two more).  Mister thinks that's more work than I need to do, but I haven't decided. 


Securing red piping to Huckle's lederhosen. 


Goldbug from behind. This is the most likely the best shot I'll have of the costume with arms attached because I expect Rabbit to toss the arms and run around making photos impossible.


2:20am. Costumes, completed and ready for smalls. I'm proud of the doodads on the bottom of the red piping on the shorts and for figuring out the entire lederhosen thing. I'm very proud of my first foray into knits with the Tshirt repurposing. Envlope tees, I'm on to you.


Before There Was Sandy: Halloween

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