It is Grand

The last time Bama, Rabbit, and I were in Grand Central Station (technically Terminal), Rabbit was eight months old or so and we were headed to Dia: Beacon to look at some fantastic art installations with the O'Reilly Griffiths. Bama and I had been together when Rabbit was still baking away. We (I) waddled up to see the Christmas trains in the Transit Museum. 

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First, we ran down the ramp from the main concourse to the food court. If you have time, stand in opposite corners at the spot where Rabbit is and listen to each other whisper into the walls. We had tacos instead of whispers, but I thought I'd point it out.

image from
Then up to the Grand Concourse to look at the constellations. They spent a lot of time in these positions.

image from

Down to the museum (it's the shop outpost, the museum is in Brooklyn and is awesome) to see the refreshed train show. It's bigger than the one Bama and I saw two years ago. They are looking at the village side — one half is the big city with two levels including subways, the other is pastoral. The shop window has a tiny Lionel train running. The whole thing is Lionel trains and materials, from the mountain to the snow-capped cabins.

image from

It's not as big as the train exhibit at the New York Botanical Gardens, but it's free and easy to get to. Perfect for a fast morning outing.

(The Botanical Gardens will cost us $60 and an hour on the D.)

We also hit the Apple store to exchange my cover for my new iPad Mini. Yes, I slipped in a reference. It's awesome! Thank you, Mister! 
It is Grand

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