The Christmas Fish

My planning didn't include what to make for Christmas Eve dinner nor did it include anything but the roast beef for Christmas Day (and then we had Christmas Day dinner on the 26th).

For Christmas Eve, we decided on fish with sesame noodles. I went with the pollock, the middle of the fist on the right. 


I marinated it in a tamari/shoyu/ginger mix before pan-grilling it. The noodles are more or less Heidi Swanson's otsu noodles from Super Natural Cooking

Christmas (day after) dinner: roast beef (a round eye roast, neatly tied from The Meat Hook), yorkshire pudding, mashed potatoes, green salad with pecans and cranberries, and green beans with carmelized shallots. Mister made the gravy which was awesome. We ate our share, the smalls ate almost nothing. I had to take a moment in the bathroom while the stomped on my mama holiday heart with their total rejection of the roast. 

The Christmas Fish

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