Art and the Boy

Carver is following in Juniper's footsteps, taking a music and art class at where she did, and loving it, as she did.

His hand skills aren't as keen and I'm not sure if he likes art as she does because he gives up a bit. Except there.

He made two of these hearts, a combination of paint and stickers and glitter. He more or less painted one side (the goal), then we folded the paper in half to mirror the splotches.


Glitter. Hearts in positive and negative.


One for papa, one for Juniper and me and whoever he decides to give it to on any given day.

We did a drop in at an art space near home, too. We had a felting day. Carver swished raw fiber in soapy water until he made a, oh, what would you call it? A worm?


There's no much more fun for a toddler than a bucket of soapy water and things to squish.

Oh, unless you put it in a bag to moosh. That's good, too.


Final project, which was a piece of wool stretched out and overlayed with fluff and then washed out. (Want instructions? Check here.)


Art and the Boy

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