Zoos, Books, Hugs

This is what happens when Uncle J and Aunt E come to town. They walk in, squeals, hellos, jumping around, and then books on the couch. None of the them seem to tire of this ritual. 


At the Prospect Park Zoo, on a day far colder than we expected. Spinning by the golden monkey tamarin.


Cold turtles.


Carver took a nap. Juniper hit the Transit Museum. She hasn't had her own day there in a while. Carver and I have had a couple of mornings of our own while she's in school. It's a brilliant visit for adults and children. You get a history of how the tunnels were made, hands-on activities in electricity (how does that Third Rail really work), buses to drive, and lots, and lots of trains from the beginning of the subway system to run through.


Working out a workbook with Aunt E. 


I wasn't kidding about reading together. 


Zoos, Books, Hugs

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