Cooking. Updates.


Aunty Cake hates seeing food shots. Aunty Cake, this post is not for you!

I can't help it, I fell off the food wagon and have been killing myself to get back on. Planned meals are far easier to work with. I try to have the week set, and when I don't. Oof. 

Mid-March, I decided to work with Yotam Ottolenghi's Plenty. Ottolenghi isn't a vegetarian, but he writes the vegetarian column for The Guardian. His was the first book that my cookbook club reviewed. People said the recipes were cumbersome, but if you drink some wine while doing all the chopping, they aren't so bad. Assembly is, generally, quick. 



Green pancakes with poached eggs.


This is not from Plenty. This is leftover chicken, quick biscuits, and voila! chicken pot pie, biscuit-style. 


Unfortunately, my love affair with The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook burned hot and bright. There are a few keeper recipes, like the mushroom bourguignon. But others, like the sweet potato blintzes were total misses. This says a lot considering he smalls' wide range of likes and total willingness to try anything. Far too much cheese for Mister. I might try again with less or no cheese. 

What really bugs me, though, is the layout. Recipes run across multiple pages, and so do the ingredient lists. I find it distracting to follow the recipes, especially the longer ones. Also, ingredients like farmers' cheese aren't readily available, but she offers no alternatives, not even on her blog when people ask (I don't like to recommend something I haven't tried … fine, but don't make the main ingredient a total oddball, then). 

Something to make you laugh:

image from`This should be an easy loaf of bread to make. Oatmeal molasses bread from Good to the Grain. My loaves either look like this, puffy and deformed (but taste good) or are hard, small, soggy bricks. It has to do with yeast conversion. I don't mind tinkering, but really. Really!


Cooking. Updates.

One thought on “Cooking. Updates.

  1. for the record I have no issue with food shots. I have issue with too-close-up, greasy, slimy, out of focus food shots. In particular someone on my friends list on FB who keeps going it, and the images are nauseating. Your are fine.


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