The mosquitoes haven’t fully descended so we are making use of he garden as much as possible. Once the biters are here, they are too thick and determined, even with bug spray (Badger spray, you are amazing).
Juniper and Carver have been churning a couple of patches thanks to gardening tools from Aunty Mandy and construction trucks from Grandmother and Grandpa.
Today, Juniper is home sick from school. She’s inside, camped out in the comfy stroller, reading library books.
Carver is weeding and looking at bugs. I’m hopeful their interest in bugs and insects and creepy crawlies continues. That was me who took them to the giant spider exhibit at the museum of natural history. I deserve a medal for that effort!
Carver made sure the brachiosaurus had leaves to eat. We don’t have any meat handy for the Tyrannosaurus rex. Maybe a roly poly?





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