And, we’re back

I don't know how back we will be, as I get TinyMights up and running with my partner, but I need a place to write, you know? (She said, writing into the wind.)


We moved back from New York a year ago and I've been cold a lot since then. Californians, the ones who grow up in the northern half, not our southern cousins and not the transplants, we just don't know what to do about dressing for weather. I spend much of fall and winter slightly underprepared all the time. Puffy coats are overkill, but my down vest isn't enough. I can't bring myself to purchase a proper jacket because it's California, when will I wear it? (Um, now? Maybe not today with its unseasonably global-warming, California is on the brink of disaster mid-70s weather.)

The smalls are thriving. They love their schools and continue to develop new friendships and strengthen old ones.


We have seen our cousins and aunties and uncles and grandmother and nana often, even for a hike! 


(How often do we become friends with people in our adult years and forget, if we ever considered, that they have siblings? Sometimes we do! These are mine. 🙂


We can't get enough of the beach in cold weather. We leave, so cold we can't get the sand off, teeth clattering, in search of hot chocolate. 



And, we’re back

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