MiniMaker Club: Sun Prints

The school’s MiniMaker Club kicked off with sun prints. I have a mix of 14 first through fifth graders, primarily first graders. The fifth graders are helpful and organized and eager to lead the youngers. Go Vigotsky.


What I had forgotten about working with children is pretty much everything.

So, when there’s more than a couple (you know, like the two I have) don’t put anything on the table. Also, if you’re going to do sun prints,make sure you’ve got full sun, not late afternoon limpid winter sun that eeks across the edge of the building creating a one-inch sliver not big enough for a full sheet of paper, let alone bleach it out into a print.

But my makers were game and tried putting their carefully layered works in the bit of sun they could find and letting it rest for a bit.


What worked: buttons, screws, structured plants, butterfly cut-outs, poms.

What didn’t: fake feathers, whispy things.


I wouldn’t leave out those failures, because that’s part of the lesson — what works and what doesn’t.

Sun, doo-dads, all of it becomes part of the process and the experiment.


To bridge the sun to rinse time, I had them decorate greeting cards with a photo window. When the prints were dry enough, we trimmed them down to fit so they had something spiffy to take home and show off.

Next time:

make sure you have sun, leave ALL the goods in one place, let the fifth graders help as much as they want

MiniMaker Club: Sun Prints

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