Muffins, for reals

I posted a couple of days ago with the misleading (and now altered) title Blueberry Muffins, Please! Then wrote all about a blueberry tart that Bama and I made while Rabbit napped. 

This is the true story of the bottomless blueberries from @sarahm and another awesome dish we made with them. Last week, Bama asked if we could wake up and make blueberry muffins. That plan didn't work out so well because we all overslept. Or did we? In any case, we made the muffins on one of the hottest days yet, again in a nearly blacked out apartment as we kept (hallogen) lights off to help keep it cool. 

Bama measured out the flour (we used half AP and half whole wheat) and other dry ingredients, and did most of the sifting as we followed Smitten Kitchen's perfect blueberry muffin recipe. 



She artfully portioned blogs of dough with an ice cream scoop. We tossed my grandmother's muffin tin a while ago — the rust was sketchy — and I bought these silicone cups last year for her birthday (we made cupcakes). No extra butter in the cups.


Oh, wait. He was there! Hitchhiker!


Ready to go in the oven. We didn't end up using the New Jersey blueberries. I decided they can be too big for a muffin so we went with some frozen, wild Maine blueberries which are significantly smaller. These were, indeed, very good but in thinking back, I might have put in too much flour. Whoopdings like that can happen when baking with the smalls.

(We have also made Memories of Maine muffins from Food52. For those, I used the big Jersey berries. They were very good but might have benefited from the Maine berries' tartness.)

Next up: scones. 


Muffins, for reals

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